The home of the Fire Detection Industry Association

Successful Companies of good standing offering meaningful warranties, sharing commitment to quality
projects with approved equipment and installation practices meeting South African National Standards and actively
participating in uplifting the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems and Fire Suppression Systems segments of the Fire Industry.

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21 Years Serving the Fire Industry

21 Years ago, the
Fire Detection Industry Association
was formed when like-minded people within the
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems,
and Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems industries got together with a single goal in mind:

To uplift these industries

Serving the Fire Industry for 21 Years!

We do the vetting of the companies you want at your back

FDIA Executive Committee

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As individuals and companies engaged in the fire detection, and the gaseous extinguishing industry,
we recognise our responsibility to maintain high standards of reliability and integrity
in the application of the life safety and property protection systems provided by us.


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Membership Fees


Entry will be approved on payment of the relevant entry fee.

A current joining fee is charged for new membership to either the Detection division or the Gas division. To join both divisions of the Association an additional R500.00 is charged.

The entry fee entitles all new members to a certificate of registration and a copy of SANS 10139, SANS 7240 part 16 & 19 and SANS 322 for detection members

and a copy of SANS 306 part 4 and SANS 14520 part 1 and SANS 369 part 1 and 2 for Gas division members.

Membership fees will be reviewed and amended annually.


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