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FDIA Logo 2019The FDIA (Fire Detection Industry Association) was formed in June 1999 to provide representation and leadership to the fire detection and gaseous extinguishing system industries. The Gas Extinguishing Division (GED) was incorporated into the FDIA in August 2004.

The purpose of the FDIA & GED is to uplift the quality and professionalism within the industry through training and by informing its members, consulting engineers and specifiers of changes and technologies within and affecting the industry, using this website and email newsletters thereby providing an overall service to the South African community.

The FDIA is administered by a committee elected by its members from within the relevant fire detection and gaseous extinguishing industries.

break g lass fire alarm 3Once the application for membership is approved by the committee members, the incoming FDIA member is supplied with a copy of the latest relevant SANS (South African National Standards). It is to these standards to which they agree to base all their system design, installation and maintenance, thereby assisting to uphold the industry standards.


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