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As individuals and companies engaged in the fire detection, and the gaseous extinguishing industry, we recognise our responsibility to maintain high standards of reliability and integrity in the application of the life safety and property protection systems provided by us. Download our code of ethics document here

We, therefore, pledge and subscribe to the following:-

1. To be honest and fair in all matters with our employees, customers, subcontractors, distributors, competitors, and suppliers.

2. To follow nationally recognised Codes and Standards, provincial and local laws and regulations, when designing, supplying or installing fire detection systems and gaseous extinguishing systems.

3. We agree to read, study and abide by the following standards:-

a. SANS 10139 – Design, Installation and Maintenance of fire detection systems.

b. SANS 246 - Installation of fire system in Electronic Equipment Installations (Computer Rooms).

c. SANS 369 Part 1 & 2 – Operation of Fire Protection Measures

d. SANS 322 – Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for Hospitals

e. SANS 306- 4 – Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Installations

f. SANS 14520 – Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems (Clean Agents)

4. To encourage and support well-founded legislation affecting our industry and the people we serve.

5. To support and participate in the education of those in and regulating our industry.

6. We agree to have three new fire detection or gaseous installations inspected by an FDIA accredited inspection bureau, per annum.

7. We agree to register all of our technical staff with SAQCC Fire and always have one registered designer and one registered commissioner.

8. As a supplier we agree to always have one SAQCC Fire registered designer employed in our company.

9. When representing the Association, we will conduct ourselves professionally and with decorum.

10. Individually, we will strive for high standards of performance and professional competence.

We accept this code freely and pledge to support our Association in its endeavours to improve the life safety and property protection in the Republic of South Africa and its surrounding nations.


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